Fortnite’s New Feature ‘The Strom sickness’ in Fortnite Season 3

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The Strom sickness Feature

It is a mechanic feature by epic games called Storm sickness in Fortnite season 3.

Strom sickness can cause players health damage

It means there is a storm in the game when players go inside the causes loss of health.

How can we cure and Avoid of Strom Sicness feature in Fornite

  • You can go outside from the storm as soon as possible and go to the safe zone
  • The storm will be ready to catch you when you want to go in safe sone.
  • You can use any vehicle to get off from the storm


If you want to survive in the storm then you need a health item for revealing, because when you are in the storm your heath is continuously decreased. You may use buses, or cars on any vehicle available on the map to get off from the vehicle.

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