Fortnite New skins and cosmetics, emotes, and Lobby Leaks

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Item shop characters

Fortnite there are item shop characters

  • Slayer Charlotte
  • Unstuffed guff
  • Riptide Raz
  • Undercover kor
  • TBD
  • SYD

You can see in this Twitter post

There are some various items hand skins will add in Fortnite Like

  • Photonics strIker
  • Sapphire Serpent
  • Swift Sai
  • Lucky lance
  • Sweat free

Like many skins added in the item shop for Fortnite

There are some emotions added

  • BOOP!
  • Sweety rotation

Lobby images Revealed

There are some leaks of empty Fortnite chapter 1 lobby images

In the first image
The volcano is erected, and you can see a ship immersed inside the water. A Cannon on the castle

In the second image

There is snow everywhere, snow is falling, a plane inside the warehouse, an all-electric Tower, and mountains covered with snow

You can see the third and 4th images as well

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