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How To Find PUK Code Of Jio SIM | How To Unlock Sim-(Updated)


How To Find PUK Code Of Jio Sim (How To Unlock Sim)

If you have got Jio SIM locked and asking for a PUK code, then in this post we are telling, how to find PUK code when Jio SIM card is locked, How to open the PUK code of JIO SIM, Sim Unlock Along with telling you the method, we will also tell you why sim asks for PUK code, why Jio sim is locked, first of all, we know what is PUK code.

What is the SIM PUK code? And why is the PUK code asked?

The full form of PUK is Personal Unblocking Key, PUK code is the key designed for the security of the SIM card, which prevents misuse of the SIM, PUK is asked when we enable SIM lock in the mobile, it is After mobile 0N  When you do this, you will be asked for SIM PIN, if you enter the wrong PIN 3 times, the PUK code is asked. If you enter the wrong Jio PUK code 10 times, the SIM card gets blocked, then you will have to take a new SIM card of that number like this JIO PUK code protects against misuse of SIM card in case mobile is dropped, stolen
SIM is of four digits and all mobile network companies have different SIM PINs,
Apart from this, even if you enter the wrong PIN three times while enabling Pin Lock in the mobile, the Sim PUK code is asked, to enable/disable Sim Lock.
Have to enter, while to enable/disable Pin Lock, the default Security Pin of the mobile has to be entered.

How To Find PUK Code Of Jio SIM (How To Unlock Sim)

If your Jio sim is disabled by entering the wrong three numbers and you want to know the PUK code, then you have to call the customer care, if you have any other JIO sim then you can call the customer care from that If you do not have any other SIM of Jio, then you can talk to Jio customer care with SIM of any mobile network company, we will tell you both the numbers.
If you have any other Jio number then dial 198 or 1860-893-3333 from that number
If you do not have another Jio SIM, then call 1800-889-9999 from Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL numbers.
After dialing the number, choose the option to talk to the customer care officer
Now tell the customer officer about JIO PUK.
You will be asked for block jio SIM card information, after confirming the information, you will be told the PUK code.
PUK code has to be written somewhere after that PUK code has to be entered in mobile, enter PUK carefully, because JIO PUK is entered incorrectly 10 times, then your jio sim will be permanently damaged and all saved Contacts will be lost.
After entering the jio PUK code, you will be asked for New Pin Set, enter any 4 digit PIN then confirm that your Jio SIM Card will be unlocked.

So now you must have come to know, how to open the PUK code of Jio SIM, in this way by talking to Jio customer care, you can know the PUK code of Jio SIM, if you liked the information, then share it with your friends.

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