How To Turn ON/OFF Wifi Calling on Any Phone

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How To Enable/Disable Wifi Calling On Android

Almost every smartphone company makes the wifi call feature ON. In case the wi-fi calling feature is OFF then follow these steps:

  • Go to settings

  • Network setting

  • Mobile network

  • Advanced

  • Wifi calling

    To disable Repeat these steps.

How To Enable/Disable Wifi Calling On iPhone

  • Open setting
  • Click on phone
  • wifi calling
  • Enable the wifi calling

To disable Wifi Calling on iPhones, Please repeat these steps.

Note:- In case of your data has been lost, you have to give an extra charge because when your data is lost, your wifi calling has been disconnected and may be converted into normal calls. That normal calls plan will apply

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What is wi-fi calling?

It is a network that extends voice data apps over your protocols address
(IP). It is easy to use it does not require any application to access wifi calling.

What are the charges for WIFI Calling?

wifi calling does not charge any amount to excess this service .it is completely free.

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