iOS 16: New all Features in one Post

There are many improvements Apple is making on iOS 16.

The First Improvement on the Message Lock screen. If you want to see iOS 16 and what type of improvement is done on the ios16 you can become a beta tester.

What are the messages or lock screen updates for iOS 16


Now you can customize your lock screen which looks your iPhone more attractive.

  • Apple gives us the more personalizing option
  • Improved lock screen with widgets
  • Users change color and Fonts
  • Add multiple widgets and configure multiple lock screen
  • Multiple focus modes assign for multiple lock screen
  • Apple will also Provide fresh wallpapers and themes too.
  • There is a live active Feature on the screen


  • Some welcome updates to Messages
  • Notifications look very different
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  • You can edit for up to 15 minutes after sending messages.
  • Appleā€™s New Live Textphotos, text feature, is used to copy text from live video, photos, and text.
  • You can recover recently deleted messages for up to 30 days.


The drag and drop feature coming in iOS 15.IOS 16 is more improved

Example You Tap & drag any photo’s object to the massages app. it will send as a sticker

It works to remove the background

Share play

Now share play supports messages

Now you can use it with any OTT Platform like Hotstar while chatting.

All features is updated soon please bookmark this page

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