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Welcome to techsubz.com. In this post, I will give you a complete review of Jabra talk 65 headphones

Is this headphone worth it? Is there battery backup? But comes in the box. What is the overall range of this headset? If you have this question, then read this post till the end.

We will get the headset Eargel, USB C to USB A cable, warranty card, and user manual in the box.

In the box, we will get 3 Eargels: large, medium small

The length of the data cable is 1.2 m.

Jabra Talk 65 is certified with an IP54 rating (dust and Splash proof)

Jabra talk 65 Review | Techsubz
Credit: Jabra

Noise cancellation

In Jabra talk 65, there is a noise cancellation mic given. They work very well in phone calls. With the help of these two microphones, the headset cancels 80% of background noise. Even in a crowded place, you can speak and listen to the voice very clearly.


Jabra Talk 65 gives a 14-hour of battery backup on a single charge. The standby time of the headset is 17 days

It takes 150 minutes to full charge


This headset supports the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0

The range of Jabra talk 65 is 100 meters. It means you can go a hundred meters away from your phone. Then the sound is breast and clear.

Other features

The Jabra talk 65 the having voice assistant access and GPS streaming.

This means you do not have to take your phone outside your pocket. Just say your voice assistant.

Like a Siri or Google Assistant

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