Jiotag Price Review Specs Jio tag vs Apple AirTag

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Jio tag is a device similar to Apple’s airtag.In this post, I will share all features of the Jio tag and make a small comparison. After reading this article, you will never go to another website to read it.

What is Jio Tag?

Jiotag Price Review Specs Jio tag vs Apple AirTag

Jio tag is made up of plastic. The Jio logo appears on the front side as shown in the image.


Inside the BoxPaper manual
Jio tag
Double side stripe
Extra Battery
Price of Jio tag and Apple AirtagThere is a huge difference in the price of these tags
The price of the Apple air tag is 40$ (3200rs ) Approx.
The price of Jio Airtag is 9$ (700rs) Approx.
SizeIt is Slightly Bigger than the Apple air tag.
The width of this tag is almost Similar.
SoundThe sound feature is used when your phone does not fetch the location of the airtag, we use the ring feature. higher will we the sound you can find air tag faster.

The sound of the Jio air tag is Louder than Apple’s Airtag. but the usability and Tracking process is faster in Apple.
Build Quality
JioTag Made up of Plastic
Apple Air Tag Made up of metal
UsabilityAs we know that in the Apple air tag we will access it will apple’s find my App. Thus you can track with this app. The Find My app is available on all Apple devices.

On the other hand, Jio has been used with the help of the android application Jio things. You can link it with this app. you can also manage it with this app.
  • Very Cheap Price
  • Very loud Sound
  • Plastic Body
  • Find it with Sound only

Jio Tag Video Review



We use these types of tags for tracking purposes, like finding keys, bags, laptops, etc.
For finding, we need an exact location. Apple’s AirTags give us the best result for tacking, whereas, in Rio, we can only use a ring to find features. In my opinion, the Apple air tag is best for tacking.
If you need an air tag to show off, then the Jio tag is for you. But do not solve any of your purposes.

Jio tag vs Apple Airtag-which is best?

Apple tag works a certain long-distance means it can find its air tags. But Jio tags show Disconnected.
Within 20-25m, Jio tags start alerting the ring to find but don’t show the location of their airtags.

What is the range of Jio Tag?

20-25 m

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