Korean launches their first domestic rocket on Tuesday 21st June

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What is Nuri Rocket by South Korea?

NURI is a three-stage rocket which can capable to place 1.5 tons of satellites in low Earth orbit

Which this NURI Launch is called Second Launch?

In their first launch, On the third stage, the engine is stopped working so the dummy satellite would not reach the earth’s orbit the first launch was aired on October 2021

Nuri rocket
Image credit: msn.com

The name of this Rocket is NURI andThis rocket was developed by South Korea

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on 17 June this rocket win loan launched on 21st June that it is the second launch of a NURI it was first scheduled for 15th June, but the launch was postponed to 16th due to a fault in the sensor of its oxidizer tank

The department said in the afternoon that they replace the Fold part and the rocket worked normally they also confirmed that there was no port in the whole rocket they also said they are planning the NURI launch scheduled for 20th June according to the weather condition

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