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How to Live Stream Any Game On Mobile| NO LAG -Techsubz

How to Live Stream FreeFire/PUBG/BGMI/Fornite or Any Game On Mobile  –Techsubz

Today in this post, I will teach you how to stream any game on youtube /Facebook Twitch, or any Streaming platform. Your stream will be complete Lag-Free.

Live Stream Any Game On Mobile Both android and ios.

What you will get;

  • You can Apply 
  • webcam
  • live Chat
  • voice  over
  • Intros in Stream
  • Animated Overlay (very popular)
  • Without Watermark 
All these features are available in one Application called TURNIP. Turnip is available on Android and iOS.
Download TURNIP: Click Here. (Android)
This app is 100% Free to download.

How to create an account on turnip and Go Live in two steps : And Live Stream Any Game On Mobile

  1. Download the App by Click Here
  2. Open the App. Click on “Get Started”.
  3. Click on Setup Stream
  4. Select Game do you want to live
  5. Select your Mood
  6. Select your playing style (SOLO / SQUAD)
  7. Select your Language
  8. Click on the Next Button
Hence you complete the First Part Successfully. Now you have to complete the second part.

In Second Part you have to fill

  • Title
  • Description
  • Thumbnail.
Tips:- You have to create your thumbnail a clicky. Make your Thumbnail very interesting so that anyone who comes to your channel will defiantly come on your video.

After this, you have to choose stream quality

  • 240p needs 500kbps [230 Mb Per Hour]
  • 360p Needs 700 kbps [320 Mb Per Hour]
  • 480p needs 1.5mbps  [680 Mb Per Hour]
  • 720p needs 3.5 Mbps [1.58 GB Per Hour]
  • 1080p needs 4 Mbps [1.8 GB Per Hour] Recommended

Choose your mode Portrait or Landscape

  • Use Portrait mode if your game like Brawl Stars, Subway suffer Etc.
  • Use Landscape mode if your game is like PUBG, Free fire, COD Etc.
Now you have to select where you want to stream
Various stream platforms are available like
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • Custom RTMP
you can Select any option available there
Let’s take an example you have set for Youtube.

  • A POPUP Window will open on youtube signing 
  • you have to sign in with the channel where you want to stream.

How to connect Overylayes in the Stream on Mobile [Android / iOS] and Live Stream Any Game On Mobile

Turnip gives you a Feature you can now put an animated overlay on any Mobile. The overlay makes your stream more professional.
On Turnip you will get a custom animated overlay provided by turnip-
You have to fill in details do you want to show on overlays like 

  • Paytm/Gray/Phone pay
  • UPI Handle
  • Your Social Media handle Etc,
or you can add your own.
Click on This button
How to Live Stream Any Game On Mobile| NO LAG -Techsubz


Click on Upload Custom Overlays
Your Overlay must follow these conditions :
  • Supported format only:,jpg,.png, .gif 
  • Resolution Up to : 1920 X 1080 pixels
  • Size: Less than 10 Mb

How to create Starting intro on Live stream Using Any Mobile and Live Stream Any Game On Mobile

After setup Your overlays You have to 
  • Click on Start Streaming.[Appears in upper Right Corner]
Note: There is no direct method, you put the intro on the live stream using your mobile. But with the help of Turnip Special Feature Sheid, you can do it on your mobile phone.
By following these steps you can show your intro
  • Download any Stream starting intro on Google or you can Download it From Here.
  • Open the video 
  • Click on Start Stream Button
How to Live Stream Any Game On Mobile| NO LAG -Techsubz
Click on Start Stream Button
  • Now Play The video (Depend on you how many minutes you want to play)
  • Again Click on Start Stream Button
  • Then Click on Sheild Button.
How to Live Stream Any Game On Mobile| NO LAG -Techsubz
Sheild Button Appear Like This
  • When You Enable the shield Button Your Audience will only see this screen.
How to Live Stream Any Game On Mobile| NO LAG -Techsubz

No one can see what you are doing on your screen when Sheid is ON.

  • Play the video
  • Clickstream Start Button
  • Click on Sheild Button
  • Go in the Game
  • Turn OFF Sheild
It’s Simple.

By clicking Stream Start Option You can Check :

  • Donations
  • Read Chats
  • Turn on Webcam/Facecam
  • Subscriber
  • Voiceover and many more.
If you are facing any problem setting up your live stream Then Follow this Video


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