Nothing Ear stick review

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Nothing company launcher new earbuds named it nothing ear stick. The design of earphones is quite different from others


Nothing Ear stick review
Nothing ear stick + Box

The design of nothing a stick is exciting. The famous Indian Tech YouTuber tech burner (My Favourite)said that the design looks like a box of lipstick.

The box of the nothing air stick is made of transparent plastic with orange shades, which looks very premium.


Nothing Ear stick review
Nothing Earbuds

The body especially the stamp is transparent. You can see the instrument at add in the earbuds.

Is ANC available in a nothing-ear stick?

No, ANC is not available

Technical specification

  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • IP54 rating
  • In and out Ear Detection
  • Touch controls
    • With a single click -play boss
    • Double click- next and prev
    • Triple click-back
    • Hold- volume control

Sound quality

The quality of the sound is good. Especially the bass is optimized.

Inside these earbuds, we will get a 12.6 mm driver, which is good. You will get loud audio. Due to significant drivers, if you increase the volume the other person can hear the sound.


Nothing Ear stick review
Type C Port

USB Type C Port for charging is given. The cable shall get in the box.

The battery backup is improved as compared to the previous one ie. nothing ear One. These earbuds will have 7 hours of battery backup.

+ 34 hours of Case battery backup

New Application

Now you can connect these earbuds with the help of their application

The name of the Application is Nothing Ear one

To download click here

With the help of this application, you can change the control of the earphone

You can access an equalizer if you want to increase the bass or something.


You will get this earbud in India at the price of 8499 rupees.


If We combine all aspects then the conclusion is there is no major change in nothing air 1 or nothing Ear stick. The only change is in the battery backup and price.

If you compromise with battery backup then you should buy nothing Ear 1, which you will get at a very affordable price as compared to nothing Ear stick.

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