Get a reward By participating in Fortnite Galaxy cup 2022

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Start date

According to the Fortnite Galaxy Cup start on July 16 to 17

This is the tweet from Fort news
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How to participate in Fortnite galaxy Cup 3.0

  • All players can participate in this event
  • You must have at least 13 years below 13 years cannot participate in this event
  • Below 18 years players need to sign a consent form by their parents for their Guardians
  • Fortnite-supported Android devices allowed only
  • You must have 2FA two-factor authentication enabled on your Epic account

What is 2FA two-factor authentication in Fortnite?

It will give you extra security to your Fortnite or Epics games account. It helps you to get rid of hackers.

How to enable 2FA two-factor authentication on your Epic account

Go to Playstore or Appstore
Download Google Authenticator App
Log in to Epics games account
Go to settings/ profile
Scan QR code
Hence,2FA is ON

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