Snapchat is starting their new premium subscription Snapchat plus


Snapchat service companies spokesperson Confirm the verge that they will start testing the paid subscription that I Snapchat plus

In Snapchat plus there are many pre-release features for their user

The feature Is given when you are subscribing to Snapchat plus

  • Now you can pin a friend as a #1BFF.
  • Now you can get access to the exclusive Snapchat icon
  • You can see how many friends have to Rewatch your story.
  • You can see your friend 24 hrs past the location.

Pricing of Snapchat plus

  • The monthly subscription to Snapchat plus is dollar 4.83Per per month i.e 379Rs Per Month
  • The yearly subscription is dollar 48.41 per year i.e 3799Rs Per Month

This feature price may be changed by the time

Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar
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