Free fire launch new event " rate up event" 

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In this event you May Get a variety of M1887 legendary skin as a prize 

What is M1887? 

M1887 I a shotgun which is used most in the game due to its damage and fire rate 


This event is started on Freefire July 12th to July 18th 

This event your six M1887 shotgun skin, Weapon Royale vouchers, Diamond Royale vouchers, themed gun skins, weapon crates, and other items.


M1887 – Incendium BurstM1887 – Rapper UnderworldM1887 – Hand of Hope
M1887 – Golden GlareM1887 – Aqua BurstM1887 – Solaris Burst

How you can get legendary M1887 skins 10X chance?

Players have to choose one 1 of 6, M1887 

Players have to spin five consecutive spin in" rates up event "

Each spin cost 40 diamonds which means you have to spend every diamond in 5 min which will increase your chances to Grab the skin.