Telegram roll new emoji feature

By Shubham

14 Aug 2022

Telegram released a new update. In this update, TG introduces interactive emojis, voice messages for messaging, and many more

Now you can add your custom emoji pack, premium users will get 10 initial custom emoji packs that contain more than 500 premium emojis

Custom animated emojis 

These are the emojis, when the receiver tab on the emoji it will animate

Interactive custom images

Telegram gives us new emoji stickers and GIF in his new update. According to the telegram the GIFs, now are in high quality

This feature is only for premium users. According to this feature, only that person can send them video and voice messages that they will select in the setting.

Some privacy feature

 Only premium users can enable the previous feature.To enable this feature read next Slide

Go to settings
Then go to privacy and security
Click on voice messages
Now change the setting according to your need

Now you can able to gift the telegram subscription to your family and friends.

 Telegram premium gift

Go to your friend's profile
And tap on choose gift premium
And Pay the payment

For sending Telegram premium subscription gift