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Apple's Inovation


Apple is a Great company .which is know for their out of world innovation. Here i will share some list that apple give to this world.

iPhone 1G

This is First 3.5 inch full Touch screen mobile in this world.

iPhone 4S

This the first Phone in which apple introduce Retina display ie 326 ppi. This is the first mobile in which apple introduce their VAI Siri

iPhone X

Apple give New look to their mobile, From this all mobile copy this look

 M1 Chip

Apple give self developed M1 Chip, which very cost efficient and Best in performance.

iPad Pro 2021

This tablet has huge display and Apple 's M1 chipset. It is a replaces of market's Notebook


iPod is very popular for 20 Years because of very small size and we can fill many songs as compare to other mp3 players in the market.


due to advance features of mobile the demand of these iPods is decrease.

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Apple is doing innovative things which can easier the user life. That's why apple is a great company