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Razer launched a new gaming chair Review

Razer launched a new gaming chair Razer Enki Pro. This is the successor of Razer Enki

There is no difference in design between Razer Enki and Razer Enki Pro

There is a very deep and major upgrade you can see between these two model

Designs and features

On the back and on the seat Razer Enki Pro has the suede-like fabric of the original for high-quality Alcantara

Designs and features

There is an upgrade in cushions in a pro, the comfort of the cushion is good high quality. This means it can use longer for many years


It is made up of very durable perfect and hard material. It is made up of hard carbon fibers type plastic shells. Which looks quite impressive


Rest other features almost look like Razer Enki, so we can say  Razer Enki pro is a twin of  Razer Enki

You can use this chair if your height is 5 feet 5 inches 26 feet 8 inch Weight 299 pounds (~ 135 Kg)