Google celebrates Angelo Moriondo’s birthday on 6 June

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On 6 June, Google celebrates the 171st birthday of Angelo Moriondo

Who is Angelo Moriondo?

He is known as the Godfather of Espresso machines.

Moriondo was Coming from a Royal family. He always had new ideas or projects.

There is coffee is most popular in Italy. People made a big line and waited much time for their coffee.

Google said on his blog: Moriondo think if he made a cup of coffee at a time then people have to wait for a very long time. so he made a plan, he made an Espresso machine, that made multiple cups of coffee at the same time, which help him to beat his competitors.

How does the Espresso machine work?

The machine has a 2 Boiler

  • A first large boiler that pushes heated water through a bed of coffee grounds.
  • The second boiler produce stream that flashes the ground and completes the brew

This is said by Moriondo.

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