Windows 11 Stable Version: Bugs and Problems

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 Some Problems with Windows 11 Version which Released on Thursday | Techsubz

Microsoft Released Windows 11 This Thursday. Microsoft claims they release optimized and Bug-free stable updates but there is the problem I suffer after Upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11.
My, Advise if you do not upgrade windows 11 yet then wait for some time then upgrade Windows 11 officially.

We Don’t have to  “Drag to move the” File from one folder to another through Taskbar.

There is a glitch or bug that happens when I upgrade from windows 10 to windows 11 Example; If I mote drag a file from “Download Folder” to Another folder like Drive D, it will not open with this gesture.

High Time to install this Update

My PC contains a very high powerful processor But Windows 11 Update takes a Large time to Upgrade.

Sometimes Don’t able to find the File

If I search any query in the search bar of windows 11 (any folder, file, song, photos name) it will not appear, I know I will be saved it there, my system does not find it.

The wifi is not appear

This glitch or bugs happen with some users but you can fix this by Drivers.
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